About - Jacob's Candles

In November of 2019 while still studying in school, I decided to make a few candles as personalized gifts for my friends and family for the holidays. After weeks of testing and crafting with my new supplies, I was finished making my gifts. I quickly realized how much I loved the entire process from start to finish, and I still had material leftover. Naturally I decided to craft more candles, design a website, and start the process of putting my product out there. Just like that, Jacob’s Candles was formed.

Almost 5 years later, I have since finished school and am making more candles than I’d ever have imagined. I have multiple lines of product and a continued commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and carefully selected and refined fragrances to enhance the decor and ambiance within the homes of my clients. It brings me joy to put so much work into something and see the joy it brings to others. With candles to compliment a wide variety of home decor and fragrance preferences, Jacob’s Candles is here to fulfill all your home fragrance and decorum needs.

I put a lot of hard work into every candle I create, and there isn’t a single fragrance I sell that I don’t love. Please take a look around, and whether or not you decide to make a purchase, thank you for stopping by :)